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The FBI Will Not Indict Hillary In A “Surprise” Move



Surprise, surprise! It seems that the FBI is not going to indict Hillary Clinton following the highly-controversial email investigation. Last week, we wrote about our hopes that the FBI might actually be independent enough to indict her, but unfortunately, the Clintons have far too many friends in all the right places and she will most likely get off the hook despite the fact she broke the law and put this country in danger.

The indications that the FBI won’t charge Hillary came on Saturday before she was to go in for an interview about the handling of official emails during her time as Secretary of State between 2009 and 2013. More precisely, CNN sources claimed that the FBI said it did not have enough proof to charge Hillary.

Of course, those sources left options open depending on the interview she was about to give to the authorities. Later, we found out that she spent three and a half hours talking to the FBI investigators and to be perfectly honest, we have a strong suspicion that they talked recipes and grandchildren during the interview.

It’s just the way things have been going on in this investigation.

And if it was something less serious than extremely sensitive official emails, we would have simply jotted it down as yet another failure of the Obama-Clinton administration and sort of joked about it.

Unfortunately, we simply cannot do it in this case.

It is far too serious.

In case you have lived on a deserted island for the last year or so, Hillary Clinton (together with some preceding Secretaries of State) has been investigated by the FBI, concerning the handling of official emails during her time in Office.

Among other things, the investigation showed that Hillary and her closest staff used personal email servers for official State Department business, which is something that has been advised against for years prior to Hillary’s years in Office. It was beyond advised, though, with official guidelines in place on how to handle emails.

The reasons for this are extremely simple. State Department’s official servers boast state of the art cyber security systems that cannot be hacked by just anyone. Hillary’s private servers? Not so much. In fact, those servers were targeted twice on the same day by hackers in 2011. These are emails that pertain to the most sensitive and important decisions made by the leaders of this country.

This is stuff that can be used to harm this country in more ways that we can think of. And Hillary did not do everything in her power to secure that data.

In addition to acting in opposition to official guidelines, Hillary and her team also deleted more than 50,000 emails that should have been saved for record-keeping. You know, we’re talking about the need for a transparent government that people can exercise some control over. As far as Hillary is concerned, this is just nonsense.

Of course, she and her team tried to justify their actions and, what is perhaps even more damning, withholding these emails from the FBI investigators by saying these were personal emails that got mixed up with official emails, because… well… shucks… same servers.


What are you gonna do?

It later turned out that a bunch of the emails she withheld and/or deleted were actually official emails and that her handling of the whole matter was less than perfectly transparent and secure.

Surprise, surprise!

When she was asked why she decided to use personal servers instead of the official ones, she played dumb, saying how she didn’t want to juggle devices and various servers. She put it as if she barely knew what emails were. The following is a quote from one of the emails from 2009:

“I have just realized I have no idea how my papers are treated at State. Who manages both my personal and official files? … I think we need to get on this asap to be sure we know and design the system we want.”

This is someone who understands very well how things work and what can be done.

The fact that the FBI investigation found nothing wrong with all of this is proof that the United States of America has long ceased to be a country where the law is applied to people with all the right connections.

Like being tight with the President. Or being able to sneak their husband onto a plane with the Attorney General for a half-hour private powwow.

It is just unreal.

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