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The Nomination Race Gets Interesting Over The Weekend


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It was an eventful weekend for the GOP nomination race, with Donald Trump and Ted Cruz winning two states each and Marco Rubio winning Puerto Rico. It was by far the most “balanced” part of the race so far, but do not be afraid; Trump is still in the lead and heading for the nomination this country deserves.

First of all, let’s take a look at the simple numbers. In Kansas, Cruz won 48 percent of the votes, bagging 24 delegates. Trump was in second place, winning 23 percent of the vote and 9 delegates. Rubio was third with just below 17 percent, winning 6 delegates. Kasich (who is still in the race for some reason) won about 10 percent and 1 delegate.

Kentucky went to Trump who won 36 percent of the votes there, taking 17 delegates along the way. Cruz was second with 31 percent and 15 delegates. Rubio and Kasich both won around 15 percent, getting 7 delegates each. Louisiana was also won by Trump who got 41 percent of the vote and 18 delegates. Cruz got around 38 percent and also 18 delegates. Rubio had 11 percent and he won 5 delegates. Kasich didn’t get enough votes for a delegate.

Maine was the second state Cruz won, with 46 percent and 12 delegates. Trump won 32 percent of the votes and 9 delegates. Kasich had 12 percent of the votes and won 2 delegates while Rubio didn’t get a single delegate. Puerto Rico cast its votes on Sunday, despite the fact that its residents cannot vote in the elections. Still, they can decide which GOP candidate gets nominated and they want Rubio to be that person. He won 74 percent of the vote, with Trump second with 14 percent and Cruz in third with 9. All of the 23 delegates went to Rubio, giving him the biggest win of his campaign so far.

When you add all these newly won candidates to the ones they had won previously, the situation is as following: Trump has 392 delegates in total, Cruz has 305, Rubio has 130 and Kasich has 35. Here at Republican Reader, we have been clamoring for Kasich to leave the race for quite some time now, but the man simply cannot be persuaded. Sure, he is waiting to see how his Ohio is going to vote on March 15, but this is getting ridiculous. Still, the man has the right to stay in the race for as long as he wants. We are just worried he will become silly and we wouldn’t like to see that happen. To be honest, he is a much more agreeable presence than Cruz’s or Rubio’s.

2 While we are on the subject of Rubio, there is another man who should get out of the race. With each new primary and caucus that passes, it is becoming more and more obvious that he has all but completely ran out of steam and that it would probably be best to leave it to Trump and Cruz to battle it out mano-a-mano. It is obvious Rubio is waiting to see what happens in Florida, hoping he would get all the delegates, but even if he did (which is unlikely), he would still trail by a huge margin. Trump himself said that he would love it if Rubio got out of the race so he and Cruz can turn this into a two-man race. We agree with him.

An interesting twist in the tale that happened this weekend is how Cruz started sounding more and more like Trump. He must have figured out that his campaign up to that point hadn’t gone brilliantly and he decided to copy the man in the lead. The only problem is that Cruz’s charisma is similar to that of a broiled chicken and that when he tries to engage with the people, he comes off so condescending and privileged that it is just insane. The good thing is that Rubio is all but done, meaning that the establishment is all but done. There is also no indication that Trump is in any sort of trouble and we cannot wait for the rest of the race.

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