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The Presidential Race Is Now Officially On!



Last Friday, we wrote about the Democratic National Convention and the boot-licking that raged rampant as Hillary Clinton was named the Democratic Party nominee in the presidential race.

We had some time to analyze the situation and actually come to terms with the fact that someone like Hillary could even get nominated. Now that we have done this, we will give our opinion on the state of the race, how it might unfold and how it will all end, God willing.

Like we mentioned, the Democratic Party decided to go with Hillary Clinton despite the fact she was investigated by the FBI and lied profusely about the way official emails were mishandled during her days as Secretary of State. The Clinton lobby was so strong within their party that they still decided to nominate someone who put this country and its people in danger and then flatly lied about doing so.

While this is a complete travesty, it makes the job easier for Donald Trump, who has been on the path of uniting the Republican Party ever since he became the official nominee.

At the moment, the polls are showing that Hillary has the lead, but this was perfectly expected following the DNC. After a convention, the candidate from that party gets a temporary boost in the polls and that is exactly why Hillary is in the lead by a few points in the CBS News and Reuters polls done in the last few days.

Do not worry, this is going to level out and the two candidates will once again be neck-to-neck.

In other news, this election is there for the taking and we have every confidence that Trump is going to win and put an end to the Obama-Clinton clique that has been poisoning the highest levels of our government for far too long.

Fortunately, the conservative voters and people who traditionally vote Republican are finally seeing the error of their ways and are starting to accept Trump as their candidate. He has already started touring the country and meeting his future voters face to face. He has started listening to the voters and offering real change.

Moreover, Hillary and her clique completely bungled their running mate choice, adding a complete tool to their ticket. Tim Kaine couldn’t be further from what most Democratic Party members want. He is someone who has called for an even further deregulation of banks and Wall Street and someone whose ideology could not be further from that of Bernie Sanders.

We wouldn’t be surprised if the majority of Sanders supporters secretly voted for Trump come November.

The main reason why we see the general election going our way is that the people of America have grown tired of a government that only takes and gives nothing back. They are tired of a government that watches their every move and wants to take all human liberties away.

Our people are fed up with a leadership that has all but ceased to lead and that is reduced to sending prayers and wishes when something bad happens. They are angry to see our government do nothing as ISIS runs rampant around the world, attacking our friends and turning the entire planet into a war zone.

We are all tired of a leadership that panders only to the super rich and that sees the average American family as nothing but sheep to be fleeced.

The American people is also very well aware that voting for Hillary will only result in four more years of such a limp and corrupt government. They are very well aware that their jobs will continue to be destroyed and sent abroad. They are very well aware that illegal immigrants will make this country even more unsafe. They are very well aware that someone whose clique is already in power cannot bring any meaningful change.

They understand that this country needs a strong, Republican leadership that will finally put an end to this tailspin of inaction and complacency.

The American people understand that Donald Trump has to win this election.

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