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This Is How The GOP Town Hall Event In Wisconsin Went


We are not sure whose decision it was to make the GOP event in Wisconsin a Town Hall instead of a debate, but it was a good one. The debates have been mostly messy and chaotic and yesterday’s CNN Town Hall was a great opportunity for the three remaining nominees to answer some important questions and explain where they stand without the danger of being interrupted by their opponents.

Of course, CNN is run by some very smart people who realized that quite a bit has been going on in the GOP to make for a great TV event and they were not wrong. The three candidates faced Cooper Anderson and his aggressive interviewing style, sharing their point of view and coming up with some quite interesting answers (at least some of them).

By now, you are probably already seeing tons of coverage and analyses that paint Donald Trump in the same way those same writers have since day one of his campaign. They are saying how he has once again puffed and huffed and how he answered no questions. They are probably attacking him for standing by his campaign manager and for answering a question about the purpose of government in somewhat simplistic terms.

The good thing is that here at Republican Reader we think for ourselves and are not ready to gullibly swallow everything that is served to us by the slew of media, all of which are decidedly anti-Trump, no matter what he does or says.

We, for instance, have nothing against the fact that he is standing by Corey Lewandowski, his campaign manager who was charged for simple battery for, allegedly, pushing a reporter by the name of Michelle Fields. For one, Trump remembered something that the rest of the country has forgotten decades ago, one of the basic principles of the western legal system, the fact that a person is innocent until proven guilty.

Trump knows that this may make him look insensitive or not politically correct, but he is standing by his friend. What’s that word, America? Oh yeah. Loyalty. You should probably practice a bit more of it. You do not destroy someone’s career just because someone pointed a finger at him.

He also pointed out that NATO as it is should probably find another way to reconfigure its role, or at least its dependence on American troops and American involvement. The Alliance is definitely relying too much on the lives of American soldiers, while other countries are doing very little.

Of course, when asked if he would give his support to a candidate that was not him, he told a decisive, “No” and we enjoyed it very much. He has every right to say no. The party is doing everything in its power to deny him his nomination and now he is supposed to support someone whom he beat time and time again all over the U.S.?


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The other two candidates also shared their opinions on a number of issues.

Like for instance Ted Cruz who literally forgot what his home state is. No, really, this happened. He actually said that Florida is his home state. His Texan voters must be thrilled about that. He also kept droning on about policing Muslim neighborhoods, despite the fact the law enforcement and anti-terrorist agencies say this has no effect. He didn’t forget to share his favorite delusion of 2016, how he is going to beat Trump.

Yeah, right.

John Kasich also answered questions, doing his best to stay cool and woo Democratic and independent voters. The man simply does not understand that he runs for the Republican nomination. He admonished his adviser John Weaver and his trigger-happy tweeting. He had a good point about U.S.’s NATO partners that often try to do things the socialist way. It was nice of him to remind us he is actually a Republican.

All in all, it was an interesting night in Milwaukee and it is sure to affect the voting scheduled for April 5. Once again, we are hoping the people vote the way they want to, not the way the elites tell them to.

You can watch the entire debate here:

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