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This Is How Trump Will Become The Next President


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The first hurdle is already behind him – Donald Trump managed to do the impossible and prove to the GOP elites that a man who is not afraid to speak his mind can win the hearts of the voters. He showed that the Party needed new blood and that the GOP voters recognize when someone tells the truth.

Of course, everyone is predicting that Trump will lose in November when he is pitted against Hillary Clinton (Bernie Sanders is pretty much out of the race, even though he is still failing to admit it) in the presidential election. The atmosphere is the same now as it was in June 2015 when Trump announced he would be running for the GOP nomination.

People are once again laughing and underestimating Trump, saying he won’t play anything but an ancillary role. We say let them think that.

We know what happened to GOP elites who said the same in 2015. We still remember all of those “expert” analyses that ridiculed Trump for running.

People seem to forget the fact that he has already won the GOP nomination. This is not something you do because the cards fall the right way. This is not something that can happen accidentally. People voted for Trump. Republican voters (and many independents) voted for him to become the Party’s presidential candidate.

The Party has finally accepted the fact their voters recognized Trump. They are changing their tune and they are starting to rally behind their elected candidate. More and more GOP establishment figures are saying that he might actually be a good candidate, which is something they would not admit just a few weeks ago.

The GOP party is starting to see the truth.

The #nevertrump “movement” is all but dead. As soon as people realized these were nothing but “experts”, a few elites and some talking heads doing their thing, the movement became nothing. These are petulant children who are being annoying simply because their elected candidate is not the person they voted for.

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The party is behind Trump.

This being said, we still need to be realistic and pull the breaks. Donald Trump is an underdog going into the Presidential Election. At the moment, this is a fact. Hillary Clinton is polling somewhat better and she seems to have the upper hand.

Because of this, Trump will need to be careful and make all the right moves if he wants to become president.

Here are a few things we believe he should do to win the election.

For one, he needs a strong vice presidential candidate. There are a number of options being thrown around, from those saying he needs a member of the GOP Elites in his corner to those who think it should be a woman for the sake of being a woman. All of these would be nothing but empty political gestures. Trump is not about that. He needs someone strong, vibrant, knowledgeable and preferably young. We said some harsh words about Marco Rubio a few months ago, but at the moment, he is looking like the best candidate to us.

He would also do well to fill his team with Republican powerhouses, people who know everything about getting elected. He needs people who have the smallest minutiae of the electoral process in the back of their heads. He needs experts. He needs people who have been in the trenches and who know how difficult it is to survive there.

When we are talking states to target, the choice is simple – go for the Rust Belt. Obama only barely won there and these states are ripe for the taking. States like Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan will respond well to Trump’s economic prowess and his stance on immigration and trade deals. If he has Rubio on his side, he could easily take Florida as well. All of a sudden, things are looking great.

Finally, he needs to be perfectly prepared for the debates. Hillary Clinton is not the most likeable candidate in the world, to say the least. Trump needs to come out with guns blazing, but with guns loaded with facts, numbers and hard questions. This is where being the underdog will help. Everyone will expect Clinton to have the upper hand and coming out prepared will make a half-decent debate look like a resounding victory for our man.

Of course, it would also be a good thing if the Obama administration actually did its job and dug a bit deeper into the whole Clinton email thing before November.

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