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This Is Why GOP Elites Hate Donald Trump


Ever since what we’ve known from the start – that Donald Trump is the strongest GOP candidate for the presidential nomination – became obvious to the majority, we have been hearing from long-time GOP elites that Trump is never going to be their candidate, even if he won the necessary number of delegates.

While this is illegal, it also shows much deeper problems that the GOP establishment has with Trump, his campaign and everything that he stands for. But why? What is it that makes the majority of Republican Party powerhouses so angry?

The answer happens to lie in fear. They are not angry at him. They are not disgusted with him. They are not disagreeing with him. They are afraid of him and there is one very simple reason why this is the case.

Donald Trump reminds them of the fact that politics is a living, breathing entity which is constantly in flux. More importantly, Trump is proving once and for all that the GOP has lost its way. Its elites have lost the way.

GOP elites have more or less betrayed the Republican Party and they are afraid that thanks to Trump, people are finally realizing it.

We may have made a mistake here. It is not as much that Trump is making the people realize that GOP elites have strayed, as it is about finally being able to vote for someone who is not one of the elites.

Also, this is not something that happened late last year or early this January. This is something that has been going on for a number of years now and people are, short and simple, tired of it. They are tired of the fact that the GOP elites have completely, absolutely forgotten about who makes up for the majority of their voters.

They have forgotten about the truck drivers, people who are working the land, the factory workers, the small business owners. These people are not asking for handouts or some sort of a socialist regulated market which would suffocate the capitalist nature of this country. They just want a level playing field that their party should provide for them, because it was established on this principle.

In 2014, for instance, it was made public that the average median wealth of members of Congress reached $1 million for the first time. And there is nothing wrong with that. There is nothing wrong with people earning money. They should be doing their jobs, however, and the Republican voters have, by that time, more or less lost any and all illusions that their representatives in Congress or any other legislator body are doing something for them.
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Over the course of Obama’s two terms, they have supported some of the worst deals in the history of American politics. They have put their signatures on trade deals that destroyed American companies, not through honest competition, but through skewing the playing field to such an extent that American business owners and workers could not compete any longer. They made it possible for innumerable immigrants to take those few remaining jobs from Americans.

When you make a million and do all of this to your voters, there is something very wrong going on.

In essence, the GOP establishment became a bunch of cronies who not only scratched each other’s back, but the backs of Democrats and anyone else who needed it or doled it out, all the while not caring the least about what happens to their voters or even what they think.

And now they are scared. They are scared because Trump has not been scratching backs left and right. They are scared because someone is voicing what Republican voters have thought for years and these voices mean doom for them.

Here is a man who did not take a single dollar from anyone who might call in a favor down the road. He is a man who knows what success is, but who did not spend his entire career making petty deals just so he could get somewhere.

GOP elites are incredibly scared of Donald Trump and their own voters whom they betrayed.

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