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Trump Delays Announcement Of Running Mate In Lieu Of France Attack



Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump was supposed to hold a press conference this Friday to name who his running mate for the presidential election will be.

However, Trump has decided to postpone his announcement because of the new terrorist attack that occurred in Nice, France on Thursday.

More than 80 people are dead and more than a hundred more are injured after a gunman starting shooting at civilians and running them over with a truck on Thursday in Nice.

In an interview with Fox News last night, Trump said that we are currently living in a world where there is “no respect for law and order” and that this sort of behavior has to be dealt with “very harshly.”

Trump has been saying for a long time that the entire world needs to start combating Islamic terrorism more aggressively and he reiterated that stance on Thursday, saying that if we are not smart and tough, we are not going to have a society or world anymore.

He said that if he becomes president, he would not allow any people from “terrorist nations” to enter America and added that the screening for immigrants needs to be taken much more seriously in order to make sure that these types of terrorist attacks don’t occur on American soil.

As for the process of selecting a running mate, most people believe that Trump is going to be naming Indiana Governor Mike Pence as his would-be Vice President when the time is right.

Pence has a Friday deadline to announce whether he plans on running for governor again and it seems that he will not, which further fans the flames of the speculations of many Republic insiders that he is Trump’s man.

However, nothing really is concrete just yet and according to Trump’s campaign, no decision has yet been made. But if Pence does not decide to run for governor by Friday, then we can safely assume that he will be Trump’s running mate, since he can’t run for both on the same Indiana ballot.

Trump has met with other people who were in the running as well, including New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who has a very similar stance to Trump’s when it comes to the deportation of Muslims who are believed to be radicalized from the United States.

Pence seems to be the safe bet, however, since many believe that he would be the perfect running mate for what Trump wants to do, which is make sure that he has the full support of the Republican party’s conservative base as the Republican nominating convention nears.

Pence was the leader of the House Republican Conference in the Congress for 12 years before becoming Governor of Indiana. Another reason why many in the Republican party favor Pence and believe that he is the best running mate is the fact that he does not have the political baggage that Christie andGingrich have, who are both much more obvious targets for criticism from the Democrats.

Trump has said many times that he believes that the Mid-West vote will be key to his success and his chances to win the presidential election, which is another reason why many believe that Pence will be the guy. Some, however, question whether Pence will be a strong enough speaker and character to be able to keep up with Trump as a running mate who can defend the sometimes controversial stances of Mr. Trump.

But at the same time, some believe that Trump needs someone who is a bit more outspoken in order to secure the votes of conservatives who are a bit turned off by Trump’s colorful personality and controversial stances.

Ideologically, he seems to be a perfect fit, considering his long-running anti-abortion stance.

It is presumed that we won’t have to wait much longer to see who Mr. Trump is going to nominate as his running mate and most people expect that the decision is going to be made by the beginning of next week, if not sooner.

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