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Trump Destroys Hillary In His Best Speech Yet



This morning, we got together to talk about what we should cover today. Perhaps it should be Donald Trump’s visit to Scotland which coincided with a decision by the British people to leave the EU? Perhaps it should be the fact that the Supreme Court managed to stop Obama from pushing yet another one of his insane ideas through? In the end, however, we could not leave Trump’s Wednesday speech in New York City go uncovered.

It was, without a doubt, the best speech he has given in his political career, let alone in the presidential race. It was an outright barrage of fire aimed at Hillary Clinton and every single shell hit the target. It was a speech that will go down in the history books as the speech that truly ignited Trump’s march to the White House.

The opening remarks are pure presidential gold. He opens up by saying he will talk about the stakes in the election and then he continues paraphrasing a question as to why he is running. After a comment about working with his kids and building a successful business, he hits it out of the park with the following sentence:

We think big, and then we make it happen.

If you ask us, this is goosebumps material right there.

He then mentions some of the issues plaguing this once great country, like factories that are going overseas or to Mexico and then he clearly states that these problems can be fixed, but not by Hillary Clinton.

And bam! We get the first glimpse of what this speech will really be about. It will be about his opponent, the lying Hillary and the insanity of having her run for president.

He then scores another home run by simply repeating one word three times:

Jobs. Jobs. Jobs.

He then goes on to say one of the most important things someone in his position has ever said, telling the people that the game is rigged and that it can never be remedied by the people who rigged it in the first place. He then explains who the riggers are – politicians like Hillary, big businesses that don’t care about the American people, and bureaucrats.

He continues his attack on Hillary, reminding people of a few things everyone seems to have forgotten all about – playing into hands of oppressive regimes around the world, giving secret speeches to special interest groups on Wall Street, and bagging more than $150 million together with her husband talking to CEOs lobbyists and every single interest group you can imagine.

After that, he simply states that all of those people own Hillary and that is the truth.

He then elaborates on how Hillary and people like her are serving only big businesses and globalist agendas that couldn’t care less about the American people and the American workers.

He continues to talk about the various agreements that Hillary signed or backed and to explain how they are ruining the American economy. Trump shows the knowledgeable business side of him here, demonstrating that he knows the ins and outs, which is something many people try to deny him for some reason.

After destroying Hillary on the subject of economy, Trump goes on to list all of her failures as the Secretary of State, pointing out that she pretty much singlehandedly destabilized the entire Middle East. He then takes notice of her inability to make a stand on Radical Islamism, even though it has been putting American citizens to death for decades now.

Trump then starts to list one case after another where Hillary put her needs and the needs of her donors before everything else, showing what kind of a president she would be.

Like we mentioned, Trump totally eviscerated Hillary with this attack and it was sweet. We knew most of this stuff before, but his speech put it so succinctly and directly that we could not help but feel utter disgust at the fact someone like that is not in jail.

But that can change.

Let’s make sure she does not go further. We need to put a stop to Hillary Clinton. All of us. Together.

America deserves better!


If you wish, you can read the transcript of the entire speech here.

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