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Trump Dominates In South Carolina


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The GOP South Carolina Primary has traditionally been an extremely important one, for a number of reasons and this weekend, Donald Trump prevailed, with quite a margin at that. Most experts agreed that the major Southern primary was probably going to go to someone else, but with 32.5 percent of the votes in the bag, Trump was a clear winner, with Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio both hovering around 22 percent in second and third places.

Why is the South Carolina primary so important? Well, for one, every GOP candidate that won in SC from 1980 onwards (apart from Newt Gingrich in 2012) has moved on to be the Republican candidate in the presidential elections. Moreover, every Republican that has won both New Hampshire and South Carolina has proceeded to claim the nomination. Trump has now done it and he is more confident than ever that he will be running for President when the time comes.

There is another reason why South Carolina is so important. It is something of a microcosm of the Party itself. You have your evangelicals, your national security conservatives, your moderate conservatives and your tea party voters as well in South Carolina. If you get the majority of all those votes, you can rest assured that you are pretty much golden.

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A huge part of the South Carolina primary was the extremely poor result that Jeb Bush posted, getting only 8 percent of the vote and his subsequent departure from the race. And keep in mind that he spent millions on his campaign prior to SC. He even called his brother to help, George W. Bush, but it wasn’t enough. For the time being, the Bush Dynasty is history and it feels it will stay there for quite some time. Bush was barely holding back the tears as he announced the suspension of his campaign. As Barbara Bush said quite some time ago, “We’ve had enough Bushes.”

The South Carolina Primary also somewhat revived Marco Rubio’s campaign which seemed all but a lost cause after New Hampshire and the appalling results he posted there. His reemergence is only going to gain in strength with time as Bush supporters are expected to switch to his camp. Listening to him following the primary, you would think that he had won, he was that excited.

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Of course, the fact that both Rubio and Cruz are still in the running and getting each their own share of votes is only beneficial for Trump who has definitely created a strong position for himself and whose audacity and aggressiveness seems to be the winning combination this year. Perhaps if the two Cuban-American senators would join forces, or if one of them got out of the race, then Trump might be vanquished. The way things are looking right now, there is really no stopping him.

If you needed any more proof that he is going to hold no punches, during the pre-SC campaigning, Trump went full-on attack mode on Former President W., saying how he got the U.S. involved in a war based on lies and how he did little to prevent and react following 9/11. We cannot remember any attacks on previous Republican Presidents and we strongly suspect there had been any in the past and Trump just broke that barrier too.

After the results were announced, Trump was in his element, obviously exhilarated and satisfied. He started his speech by congratulating Cruz and Rubio on their results, saying that running for president is not easy. He then said that it is, “… tough, it’s nasty, it’s mean, it’s vicious, it’s beautiful. When you win, it’s beautiful.”

It truly was one of those trademark Trump moments that will go down in history if he becomes the candidate and especially if the people of the United States elect him to be the President. He has summed up politics more concisely and more honestly than anyone before him. And you could see that he meant it. He then reiterated his position that America simply isn’t winning anymore and we couldn’t agree more. Obama has all but run this country into the ground and we need a Republican president who will turn this around.

The way things are looking after South Carolina, it will be Donald Trump.

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