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Trump Extends His Lead In The GOP Nomination Race


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Four states voted yesterday: Mississippi, Hawaii, Michigan and Idaho. Once again, the people have spoken and in three of the four states, Donald Trump scored major victories while getting the second-most votes in the only state he did not win, Idaho.

You might think that these four states were not that important considering the relatively small number of delegates they bring, but there was a lot at stake, do not be mistaken. And depending on exactly what was at stake for each of the candidates, they fared better or worse.

Let’s start with the candidates who had less to gain yesterday, i.e. Marco Rubio and John Kasich. All of Kasich’s hopes were tied to Michigan where he spent a lot of time and money trying to win over the state Republicans. For him, it was all about being first or second in Michigan and he couldn’t even do that. He came in third, only managing to beat Rubio. This will seriously damage his campaign going into the most important primary of this race for him, in Ohio.

Rubio’s plan was simple – he wanted to win anywhere and try to prove that there is still room for him in this race. Most commentators agreed that Hawaii and Idaho were states where he could make some noise. He didn’t. In both states he finished third. Unless he wins Florida on March 15, there will really be no place for him in this race and he will only embarrass himself if he keeps on campaigning.

Ted Cruz had very clear hopes for the Tuesday’s voting – he wanted to win as many states as possible and show that he can stand up to Trump. Most experts gave him Idaho and the majority also expected he would do well in Mississippi considering the large number of Evangelical votes. He only partially succeeded in his plans by winning Idaho. In Mississippi, he got second-most votes, as he also did in Hawaii and Michigan. One thing is for sure, he is the only realistic candidate to Trump at the moment.

That being said, there is very little Cruz can do the way Trump is winning states lately. Yesterday, he won Hawaii with 42 percent of the votes, Michigan with 37 percent and Mississippi with 47. He finished second in Idaho and he increased his lead over Cruz even more.


Perhaps the most surprising win of the night for Trump was in Michigan where both Kasich and Cruz polled well. We should also remember that Michigan is Mitt Romney’s home state and we all recall how much former presidential candidate criticized and outright attacked Trump. Well, the people of Michigan saw through him and they cast the vote the right way.  Moreover, Trump did better than Cruz among Mississippi Evangelicals, another proof that he can attract all kinds of votes in this race.

Trump gave a passionate speech following his victories and we have to say we enjoyed it the best of all his victory speeches this year (and there have been a few). The main reason for this is that Trump is staying above the intra-party politics, inviting Republicans to unite behind him and promising that he will do everything in his power to have as many Republicans re-elected once he is the President. We also enjoyed how he announced his ultimate victory, that over Hillary Clinton in the Presidential elections.

Everyone is looking towards the 15th now when Florida, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois, North Carolina and Northern Mariana Islands are casting their vote. The two states that might actually decide the fate of this GOP race will be Florida and Ohio, Rubio’s and Kasich’s home states respectively. These two states also happen to be winner-takes-all states, meaning that the person who wins them gets all the delegates. And considering both states provide large numbers of delegates, victories by Rubio and Kasich might make it difficult for Trump to win the necessary 1,237 votes before the GOP Convention.

Let’s hope this does not happen. Republicans of Ohio and Florida, you know what you need to do! Please do it and let us have the best candidate to stand against the Democrats.

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