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Trump Gets Rid Of Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski



Donald Trump and his team have decided to let Corey Lewandowski go, the campaign manager who, together with Trump, achieved an unprecedented success in the Republican primary, securing the nomination for the billionaire businessman.

Hope Hicks, the campaign spokeswoman said in a statement:

“The Donald J. Trump Campaign for President, which has set a historic record in the Republican primary having received almost 14 million votes, has today announced that Corey Lewandowski will no longer be working with the campaign. The campaign is grateful to Corey for his hard work and dedication and we wish him the best in the future.”

According to sources at the New York Magazine, the decision was made at the regular strategy meeting between Donald Trump and his children earlier today. According to a senior staffer, “things went south for Lewandowski, and he was fired.” According to this same staffer, the firing of Lewandowski was a coup put into action by Trump’s children.

If you ask us, this is pure nonsense.

We are not in the days of Ancient Rome when family members were able to make decisions like this and have one of the most important people in a political campaign fired. This is a move that was long in the waiting and that was perfectly understandable if you ask us.

This decision was also not made for a single reason. Doing something this big and this momentous because of a single reason would be capricious and so unlike Trump who actually weighs his options very well and makes all the right moves at all the right times.

We could, for instance, think of any number of reasons why Lewandowski was let go.

For one, while he was more than equipped to help Trump secure the Republican nomination for the 2016 general election, being involved in the actual presidential race is a much more complex and unique task, something that he would probably do with less success than his replacement who still has to be named, by the way. The general election is a unique beast which is, with all due respect to Mr. Lewandowski, probably out of his range.

Trump will most probably be getting a seasoned manager on board, someone who has experience with the most important political election in the country and someone who knows how to win.

In the battle against Crooked Hillary, we cannot leave anything to chance.

In addition to this, the decision to fire Lewandowski is yet another way in which Trump is reaching out to the GOP elites who are, for some reason, still doing the whole see-saw thing, one day supporting Trump and the next going behind his back and saying how they do not really support him.

Trump is once again letting everyone know that he is ready to make compromises and get the party more involved, probably by getting a senior strategist. He is showing everyone that he understands the race and that he understands the race needs someone more “insider” than Lewandowski.

As the New York Times suggests, ditching Lewandowski also probably has something to do with the national media which have not always been in agreement with the campaign manager who was an incendiary character and someone who was sometimes perhaps too eager to voice his disagreements with what was being written and said about him and his candidate.

There is also the fact that Lewandowski was no stranger to bad press himself like when he was charged with assault back in March. The charge was later dropped, of course. One’s campaign manager is supposed to be a silhouette in the back, directing the traffic and making sure all bad press is avoided. Not generated.

By the way, for those who think that Lewandowski was summarily thrown under the bus, we would like to remind you of one fact pertaining to the aforementioned charges from March. Namely, in March, Trump stood by his campaign manager, despite the fact that everyone told him to ditch him.

This shows what kind of a person and character Trump is and it also serves to prove that this decision is a strategic one and not something Trump would do on a whim.

If you think the latter is true, then we’re afraid we have to tell you that you are wrong.

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