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Trump Trumps Hillary In Early Polls


shutterstock_320263841The inevitable has happened – Donald Trump is leading Hillary Clinton in the early polls. The lead is not anything spectacular, but it was calculated through the combination of several polls, which means that most people are behind Trump at the moment.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves.

If you happen to remember, and we sure do here at Republican Reader, the main issue with Trump were supposed to be the national polls and his inability to stand against Hillary who is going to be the Democratic Party nominee. Both Ted Cruz and John Kasich played this card often and hard – “Trump cannot beat Clinton,” they said.

Well, he is and he is doing it across the country.

This is according to the website RealClear Politics (http://www.realclearpolitics.com/epolls/2016/president/us/general_election_trump_vs_clinton-5491.html) which takes polls from different sources and collates them, giving the best indication of how the nominees are faring.

The last five polls that they have included in their average are the CBS News/NY Times one, the Fox News one, the one by Rasmussen Reports, the ABC News/Wall St. Journal one and the ABC News/Washington Post one.

According to the CBS News/NY Times poll done between May 13-17, Clinton is in the lead by 6 points. The Fox News poll done from May 14-17 has Trump leading by 3. The Rasmussen Reports poll done from May 17-18 also has Trump ahead by 5 points. The NBC News/Wall St. Journal poll done between May 15 and May 19 has Clinton by 3 points. Finally, the ABC News/Washington Post poll done between May 16-19 has Trump ahead by 2.

The RCP Average has Trump ahead by 0.2 points. It is not a lot, but it is a definitive lead. The first since he become the presumptive Republican Party nominee.

Of course, there are a few reasons as to why Trump is slowly but surely getting ahead of his all-but-official opponent in the general election.

The first reason is that Clinton still cannot shake off the bona fide communist she is running against for the nomination – Bernie Sanders. The man is a self-proclaimed socialist who would abolish Wall Street and magically make college free, among other things, and she still cannot beat him.

You would think that someone who is as skilled a politician as Hillary is could easily do away with a candidate like Bernie, but no. Simply put, the Democratic voters do not like Hillary and they are voting for Bernie just to spite her. She is that weak. She has no voters. The only real advantage she has is thanks to the Superdelegates, an abhorrent Democratic practice where she gets hundreds of delegates just because she schmoozed them better than Bernie.

Even the Democrats don’t like Hillary. She simply cannot do better in national polls.

Another reason why Trump’s last week or so have been this good – the Republican Party is uniting behind him. We have called for this unity while the GOP primary race was still on and the Party elites are finally figuring it out. Trump met with a number of congressional leaders and more and more of the GOP players are falling in line, like they should have done weeks ago. House Speaker Paul Ryan is still on the fence and once he gets behind Trump, there is no stopping our candidate.

But more than all of this, the American people are finally coming to the realization that the Democratic Party must not be allowed four more years in the White House. They have done enough damage and they will continue to do damage; perhaps even more with Hillary in the driver’s seat.

Hillary has become all but translucent and people are seeing all of her lies, deceits and shortcomings. She may have the politician’s game down to perfection, but that is simply not enough for someone to become the President of the United States.

People have grown tired of someone simply acting like the President. Obama has given us 8 years of that, good riddance.

We need a President who will actually do something other than being a puppet whose strings are pulled by God knows who.

And people know it.

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