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Trump Unites The GOP During The Republican National Convention



When it comes to this week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, the goals were very simple. For one, Donald Trump had to make sure he finally united the party as the official Republican nominee for the presidential election later this year. Secondly, party powerhouses had to give their full support to Trump and clearly state that the Democrats in the White House would be the worst thing in the world. Finally, the world needed to hear a few things about the state of the country and the people who led to this state.

If you ask us, the RNC checked all the boxes and we couldn’t be any happier.

The first goal is something we wrote about on a number of occasions – the need for the Republican Party to unite behind their elected nominee, the man whom the Republican voters elected as their representative in the presidential election.

When the time came for different states to announce the way they voted, it became obvious that the state committees were all behind Trump and that they were excited to support the Next President of the United States of America, as most of them put it.

Every time a state delegation announced the overwhelming numbers for Trump, the entire Quicken Loans Arena would erupt in cheers.

All the speakers (with the exception of one) voiced their support for Donald Trump and their belief that he is the man to beat Hillary Clinton and the whole corrupt clique that she and Obama are spearheading.

Rudy Giuliani was among the first to speak on the first day of the convention and he did a fantastic job. He reminded everyone of the great job Trump had done in New York City. Giuliani also stated that he was positive Trump would be able to do it for the entire country.

Other speakers were just as unequivocally behind Trump as the former mayor of NYC and one of the speeches we enjoyed the most was given by the man who shares the ticket with Trump – Mike Pence. He once again showed everyone why he is the perfect running mate and with him on his ticket, Trump is only stronger.

Over the course of the convention, the people who spoke were also very clear in condemning the state of the country as it is, both internally and on the global scene.

One speaker after the other reminded us of the jobs that were destroyed by years of Democratic rule; of the loss of power that our law enforcement forces have felt the worst and of the unchecked immigration that has wreaked havoc on the job market and the crime figures.

The speakers also united in condemning the weakening position of the United States of America abroad where we have been reduced to the role of a silent observer who watches as terrorists take over and as our rivals only get stronger.

Most of the media outlets derided the convention for a clearly anti-Clinton sentiment and the calls for Hillary to be locked up. If you ask us, there were not enough of those calls! The reason why this bothered so many people is that those same people have been doing everything in their power to sweep under the rug the fact that Hillary put this country in danger with her sense of entitlement.

It was not the perfect convention, though. For one, the whole Melania’s speech thing was unfortunate, but it was hardly the end of the world as most media outlets tried to paint it. The fact that Ted Cruz continued his totally pointless campaign of undermining Trump and the Party was sad, but it also showed that the GOP is not afraid of the difference in opinions.

But above everything else, these last four days were fantastically energizing and exhilarating. They made every true Republican feel strong once again. They made us feel like the end of this Democratic autocracy is in sight.

The Republican National Convention made every true Republican feel like a part of a truly great American Party once again.


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