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What Could We Find Out From Hillary’s Emails?



When the news broke that there is a whole previously unknown contingent of Hillary Clinton’s official emails that she illegally deleted, every true conservative could feel their ears perk up. To no one’s surprise, Hillary’s lies were once again exposed and, as it turns out, there are plenty more emails that will get released.

At the moment, there is no concrete news about when the emails will be released, although some people are mentioning October. It would not be a surprise if the Obama-Clinton administration managed to keep them under wraps until November has passed, but only time will tell.

Until then, there is only one thing a person can do – hypothesize about the kind of stuff that will be revealed once this latest batch of Hillary emails becomes public.

One thing that is almost bound to come to light are further ties between Hillary and various interest groups.

This is something that has been happening since times immemorial, but the Clintons, with their Foundation and their innumerable ties to every fat cat in the world, make this whole thing outright scary.

Of course, we do not expect to read anything explicit, but there will definitely be emails that will show how some people bought their way to the deciding table. The ties that the Clintons have with Wall Street have stopped being a secret a long time ago, but it is always good to see spoof of how this clique is actively working to destroy the middle class and all but starve the poorest Americans.

We are also looking forward to seeing which foreign organizations and corporations were greasing their wheels with both money and favors. Once again, these are hardly secrets, but finding out about a new batch of deals with various Saudi and other shifty interests is always a good read.

Another thing we expect to read about in the new Hillary emails has to do with the way Obama’s administration has bungled everything it could regarding Iraq, Afghanistan, and ISIS. It is a well-known fact that their inaction and poor judgement has all but brought the free world to its knees, but we still look forward to reading exactly how this happened. Perhaps there might be even something about Benghazi there?

Who knows?

Any emails surrounding the Obama Administration’s handling of various foreign policy issues are a welcome read as they will give us insight into why they have been so unsuccessful at pretty much everything they attempted to do over the years. Are they just hapless or has there been something more sinister at work?

Those emails didn’t get deleted just because.

There are other subjects that are bound to come up once the emails are released, such as gun control, abortion and other burning issues. Hillary’s liberal stance on these social issues are familiar to the American public, but it will be nice to see how she scoffs at the people who don’t agree with her. You just know there will be emails like that.

We cannot wait to read about her making fun of the Average American who can barely feed his or her family while her Wall Street buddies lay around raking in billions. We cannot wait to read about the deals that she made in the past, despite knowing that they are bad for America. We cannot wait to read about Hillary laughing at the people who have different opinions on religion or society.

The only problem is that if they only release these emails in October, there will be very little time to read through all of them before the Election. Because of this, we can only hope that the emails get released earlier.

The American people have the right to know what was included in the emails that the Democratic nominee for the President of the United States illegally deleted after serving as Secretary of State.


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