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What We Learned From Yet Another Ridiculous Democratic Debate


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It goes without saying that we pay much more attention to what the GOP candidates are saying during these primaries and that we are far more interested in their points of view and opinions. That being said, sometimes it is a treat to check out what the Other Party is doing and what their candidates are saying.

And never has it been as much fun as this year, with a fraudster who put America in jeopardy and a communist vying for Democrat votes and the candidacy. And yesterday, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders (in case our descriptions weren’t clear) had a debate in New York, one that experts thought was extremely important.

If you ask us, it was a doozy. The Democrats finally took off their gloves and they showed everyone who they really are and how they feel about each other. But, what exactly did we learn from the Democratic debate that went down yesterday?

Sanders is not ready to give up

Bernie won seven of the last eight states, but he is still trailing dramatically behind Clinton. One might say that she’s done very well to keep a number of lies under wraps long enough to take a sizeable lead. Still, the fact is that Hillary is in the lead, but Bernie is still not ready to give up. His communist rhetoric is just as strong as it has been in the early days of his campaign and he is looking more and more like some Red Terminator that you cannot kill off. We could almost respect the man if his views weren’t so un-American.

Hillary is too dumb to realize the race is over

Hillary has all but won the nomination. It is clear to everyone but Bernie. It is now time for her to actually start winning at least some of Bernie’s supporters over for the general election. But no. There is something about her that just does not allow her to let go. For some reason, she just went and went after Bernie last night and she probably alienated even more of the people whose votes she will need come presidential election. We couldn’t be happier about this, but it is almost unreal that she cannot see this.

Both candidates are incredibly inconsistent

Over and over again, Hillary and Bernie went at each other, citing innumerable cases when they were both inconsistent, bending as the wind blows and as their interests and the interests of their benefactors dictated. They went on and on, exposing case after case of opinion shifts, childish preconceptions and everything else that is so characteristic of the Democratic Party. It was pure pleasure watching them tear each other to pieces on these issues.

Both have very short memories

Back in the mid-1990s, the Clinton couple championed a crime bill which, among other things, involved the term super-predator to describe certain minorities in the American population. Bernie reminded Hillary of this overt racism and she sort of apologized. One thing you may not know is that Bernie also voted in favor of the bill.

Bernie is obsessed with Wall Street

Okay, this is not anything new, but we cannot let it go. Bernie once again, for the umpteenth time went after Hillary for having ties to the Wall Street. The man is just obsessed. And what is worse, he has created this image of Wall Street and everyone who has any money as this amorphous blob of pure evil that suffocates babies and demolishes American homes. It sometimes feels like you’re listening to a 16-year old kid wearing a Che Guevara t-shirt who thinks that Bill Maher is insightful.

Democratic party is the Bizarro World

There are some things on which all Republicans agree to be American values which we have to hold dear and defend. Like for instance the view that there is nothing wrong with owning guns or supporting the troops in their war on terror. And then you hear Democratic candidates attack each other for supporting the NRA or the War in Iraq! As if these are bad things!

And only then do you realize how incredibly bad it would be for this country to have to survive another Democratic President term. Not to be apocalyptic or anything, but we’re not sure this country would survive Hillary or Bernie as President. Let’s pray to God this does not happen.

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